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Beowulf Rap

2009-12-14 01:36:44 by MikeTaylor

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A video I made for my song, for school.

Will Tom allow a 120mb movie like this in the portal?


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2009-12-14 02:24:22


that's the funniest parody I have ever seen

I did Beowolf in high school but I had already read it in middle school and the teacher was wildly boring

if you didn't get in A for this, I will personally find your instructor and punch them in the face

MikeTaylor responds:

Haha I'm glad you liked it. Yeah I'm pretty sure he gave us a good grade for it. Thanks.


2010-08-09 13:00:19

That was awesome. I remember covering Beowul fin my AP class, and although it was quite amazing, it would have been better had I discovered this.


2010-12-02 01:51:07

o hai mark