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New Song: Ducktales Moon- explanation

2009-01-23 19:27:32 by MikeTaylor

I have always loved Ducktales for the NES ever since I was a little kid, I remember playing Mario, Megaman 2, Ducktales, and Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers constantly. But there was never a song that I admired more, than the Ducktales song on the Moon level. I would start that level, and put my controller down and trun the dial on my tv set up and go 4 year old crazy over it. Alot of time has passed, me being 22 now, and thankfully Ducktales has recently been reintroduced into my life. And when I heard the song again, I went 21/22 year old crazy over it. So I poked around the internet and found that lot's of other people enjoy the song as well. I was sad to learn that many people don't even know what game it came from, because Ducktales was a phenominal game on it's own. Anyway, I put up a song that's very true to the original but has some differences. And if you havn't heard it before, or play the game, I urge you to do so.


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2009-01-23 21:22:13

Yeah. That's a popular one. Reading this made me realise I didn't put it in the Ducktales movies I made. Even though I think I used every other one in the game! Ha. Woops. I guess I'll go check out your audio.

MikeTaylor responds:

Nice work on the Ducktales movies, it would be funny to add the game in there some place too. If you do some day, my song humbly awaits. Thanks for the comment.


2009-02-21 03:23:21

your welcome!!!


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