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2008-06-11 07:08:33 by MikeTaylor

Thanks to everyone who likes my song, I just hope Katie doesn't find out how popular it's getting..



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2008-06-11 22:28:39

YAY first comment.

I feel special.


2008-06-12 10:13:47

interesting she a non-fictional or fictional person??

MikeTaylor responds:

Oh she is non-fiction. Believe me, if she knew about how many people are listening to this song, she would flip. For a while, any time she would meet another one of my friends they would ask. "Are you Katie the Bitch?" And she'd get so pissed. I'm just glad I didn't say her last name, so now Katie can just stand for all Katies out there.


2008-06-13 10:42:48, yeah. Good song. Did you perform it at a public thing, then or just slip a tape into her bag?

MikeTaylor responds:

You know.. The first time she heard it, I invited her over and played it for her. The whole thing was that she wanted me to write a song about her, and she wanted me to call it "Katie's A Bitch". I guess she didn't expect it to be so harsh.. But it was supposed to be a joke. I've never performed it live, it's kinda hard to get the timeing right with the lyrics and guitar, but I have sung it for my friends around a drunken campfire once or twice.


2008-06-13 23:34:32

Imagine if it's on the best of the week that would be a uh-oh

MikeTaylor responds:

Haha yeah no kidding. It would be nice, however I would fear for my life.


2008-09-22 14:52:58

your a fucking ledgend